Start-Up TAP  assembles student groups from local colleges and universities. These Students work with the technology expert and community business mentors to evaluate the technology and complete an extensive market assessment. Technologies that have viable start-up possibilities are then pitched to venture capitalists and other investors in a shark tank event. Students are provided equity in companies they help to spin out.

Our Process.

Identify Technology.

Identify viable technology, gathers teams to complete market assessments and selects projects for development.


Assembling teams and community partners, the technology is incubated for specific solutions to real business needs.


Teams pitch business concepts to venture capitalists and potential investors.

Venture Launch.

Funded start-ups launch and the story begins.

Watch our outcomes grow.

Technology Assessments
Students Participating
Companies Established
Follow-on Investment

Why Choose Us

Are you a college student with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship? Do you have some extra time this summer? Do you want to help us spin out new companies? We want you.

We’re accepting all majors from any academic institutions, two-year and four-year programs. Phase I will begin in July and we need you to help us complete our Discovery Process phase.

If we’ve already sold you on the vision, contact Jordan Roe at

If you’re still not convinced this is for you but haven’t closed your browser yet, find out more here.

Ways you could spend your summer…

Students, we’re actively recruiting now. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Here are some ways you could spend your summer.

Starting up your own company with TEC TAP
Take a trip
Play video games
Catch up on your sleep
Get a summer job